Never worked with such an honest, diligent, hard working organisation like Impact before

“I came across a company called Impakt claims and after easily filling out a few simple details on line I left it to them to manage my claims – to begin with I assumed them to be a bog standard claims management company that might/might not be good at getting claims addressed but I thought I would give it a go.  

I could not have been more wrong about them. Yes they have successfully managed 3 claims to date returning over 3k in returned cash and written off debt but they have also advised a couple of other claims did not merit further chasing, they have been incredibly honest with me at all times and even though all the background staff have always worked hard it was with Tom and Vinnie whom I have had most to deal with and they have hugely impressed me with their integrity and fairness.  They are very effective communicators and they are always working hard in my best interest.

I have never written a review for any company before, but I have never worked with such an honest, diligent, hardworking organisation like Impact before.”