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Impakt Claims is a trading style of The Claims Experts Ltd a Company registered in England & Wales which has
a Registered Office at Pioneer House, Pioneer Business Park, North Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 1AD (Us, We,

Impakt Claims is registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection purposes with
registration number ZA477153. (company number 11600861)

This agreement is formed between Impakt Claims and, you Our Customer

The Services provided by The Claims Experts Ltd. (trading as Impakt Claims) consist of:
  • An assessment of your case to confirm the existence of a valid claim;
  • Negotiating and obtaining an offer of compensation for you and all additional passengers on the same booking, with you as the authorised representative for the claim;
  • We reserve the right to appoint our nominated Solicitor (Cohen Cramer Solicitors, Suite 1b, HanoverWalk, Leeds LS3 1AB) to pursue the case direct with the relevant airlines if necessary, any relevant regulatory bodies or the small claims litigation process; and
  • We confirm that our nominated Solicitor are instructed on the basis that we are their client acting on your behalf as your appointed representative as evidenced in the signed Letter of Authority. We confirm that all payments from the relevant airlines will be made payable to our nominated Solicitor who will account to us before we account to you with your compensation less our success fee.


Impakt Claims Fees
  • We will act for you on a strictly “No Win No Fee” basis. There are no hidden fees. If no compensation is
    recovered, no charge is payable.
  • On behalf of all passengers on your booking you give us permission to investigate all bookings and agree
    to be invoiced a fee for all compensation received.
  • We are entitled to receive 30% plus VAT (where applicable) of all compensation recovered for the booking
    whether received by way of voucher, cash, air miles or other form of compensation.
  • We will endeavor to recover all compensation due and undertake to forward this to you either by BACs or by
    cheque, subject to the agreed fee after the fees have been recovered via our nominated Solicitor who acts on
    our behalf (as your representative) and those fees are transferred to our account for final distribution to you,
    our client. If you receive the payment by cheque, it is your responsibility to cash the cheque within 7 days .
    You, as the primary claimant have consent from the other passengers on your booking to receive the
    compensation and you are responsible for distributing the compensation to them as appropriate.
  • You are obliged to notify us of any offer or payment made to you by the airline relating to all claims, even if
    received by you during the 14 calendar day cooling off period. If you receive a settlement amount direct from
    the airline or their representative(s) which you fail to disclose to us, we reserve the right to charge you our full
    fee, which must be paid to us immediately of you receiving the compensation. We reserve the right to take
    enforcement action against you in default of payment of our success fee thereafter.
  • In the event we have to take steps to recover any fee due and unpaid by you, a recovery fee of £100 may be
    charged, plus 8% per annum interest on your invoice amount, from the date the invoice fell due, until the date
    paid in full.
  • If an offer is made by an airline which we feel is reasonable and you choose to reject the offer, then our full
    fee is still due and payable on the balance of the offer that was rejected.
  • Breach of Disclosure – if you have already submitted an EC261/2004 claim directly to the airline or via a
    third party without notifying us then we reserve the right to charge you for administrative costs and an
    invoice will be issued to you.

Important Information:

  • In providing the accompanying passenger details on the Letter of Authority (LOA), you are confirming that
    you are the authorised representative for all passengers travelling on your booking and have their
    permission to act on their behalf to instruct us as your representative and to authorise on behalf of all
    passengers that we may instruct our nominated Solicitor as above.
  • You have a 14-calendar day cooling off period from the date of your written authority for us to act on your
    behalf. To cancel your contract with us this must be communicated by phone call, writing or by emailing
    cancellations@impaktclaims.co.uk If you terminate this agreement within 14 days but we have already
    obtained an offer from the airline, then our full fee is payable. If you terminate this agreement after 14 days,
    we reserve the right to make a cancellation charge that reflects the work done by us on your behalf in pursuit
    of your claim.
  • We make no representation or warranty to you that compensation will be obtained or is in any way
  • If you are unhappy with our service at any stage, please contact us on 03300 165807. If you are still unhappy,
    please escalate your complaint to us by emailing us complaints@impaktclaims.co.uk
  • Please refer to our website www.impaktclaims.co.uk for more information about our company.
  • You agree that our obligations under this agreement may be transferred to a replacement provider of claims
    management services by giving you notice via written or electronic communication (Inc. Email and SMS)
    and the benefit of any or all of our rights under or relating to this agreement may be assigned to any of our
    affiliates, funders, investors or any other third party, without prior notice to you.
  • This agreement may be varied by us by giving you adequate notice via written or electronic
    communication (Inc. Email and SMS).
  • You agree to receive information, from time to time, about products and services, from other
    companies in our Group, which we feel may be of interest to you.

Thank you

We can confirm we have received your application.

  • - Your claims pack will be sent out
  • - Please sign and date the documents
  • - Return in the Freepost envelope provided.