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Start your PPI check by selecting the products you’d like us to check.


PPI Pack

We will send you a PPI pack which you must read, sign and send back to us ASAP. This is a very important document as it allows us to act on your behalf.



If PPI was present, we can then work towards reclaiming any money you may be owed. We’ll get back to you by E-mail or Text with the results.

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We negotiate on your behalf with lenders to MAXIMISE your claim!!

Guaranteed No Win No Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have documents showing that PPI was applied to a product you had (credit card, loan, store card or mortgage) then you may be able to make a claim for the monies you paid including interest due. Many people are unsure whether they had PPI, which is why we can check this for you free of charge before you decide to proceed to make a claim with us.
We are able to check with all of your lenders whether you paid PPI for credit cards, store cards, personal loans, secured loans and mortgages. It does not matter whether you still have the cards or loans, if you were mis-sold PPI you can still claim.
Most claims are completed in around 3 months.
There is now a PPI deadline date of 29th August 2019. Claims must be submitted before this date. Start your claim with us today to ensure you don't miss out.
The check and the claim is free. Our fees are 20% + VAT of any monetary award made by your lenders.
We operate a "No Win No Fee" policy so no payment is due if a claim is unsuccessful.
Yes these claims are still valid. Claims are often more successful if you provide previous addresses so lenders can locate these closed accounts.
We just require the name of your banks / lenders and your full name, address and date of birth.
These aren't required and won't stop a claim being made with your lenders.
If you can't remember if you had PPI, we just need the names of your lenders and will check on your behalf free of charge.
Just enter your details on the web form by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, and we will send your documents out. Simply read, sign, date and return the forms and we can get started.
Let us know which lenders we need to check for PPI. Simply fill out your personal details and address information including previous addresses. We require one signed and dated form for each lender.
Include as many as you can where you think you may have had PPI. The more address information we can provide to lenders, the higher the success rate with claims.
We will receive information back from your banks and lenders in around 4-6 weeks.
When PPI has been identified, we need to provide your banks / lenders with some more information so they can make a final decision on whether you are eligible for a refund due to mis-selling.
Many people are unaware they ever had PPI on their mortgage, loan or credit card agreements. We will establish whether you had PPI through knowing the names of your banks and lenders.
We will let you know and close your claim without any charge.
In the event your claim is rejected, please let us know as soon as possible. We can appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) on your behalf.
We will check that the offer is in line with what we believe you should be receiving so please let us know in case we need to question the value so you do not lose out on any potential monies.
Fees are not due until you have received payment from your lenders. This is usually no more than 28 days after accepting their offer. Once you have received, our fees become due and you can pay via the website or call to make payment.