Thousands of people in the UK have already successfully claimed money back. Millions £££££s has already been refunded to customers.

Millions of people who borrowed money from Lenders like Quick Quid, Sunny, Satsuma and others could be due a refund. You are 2 minutes away from a potential windfall and repaired credit score. No phone call required, with 100% no win no fee. Eligible to claim? Select a lender to continue.

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40% of claims get rejected due to previous addresses not being provided. Increase your chances of a successful claim by providing all your previous addresses.

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Safe, Secure and Confidential. No obligation check, with 100% no win no fee. Call 03300 165808 with any questions. * If you are currently in an IVA we will not progress your claim as this would be a conflict of interest with your IVA provider

*You are not required to use the service of a Claims Management Company to pursue your claim and can present a claim for free to lenders against who you wish to claim or to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Three Reasons To Claim Now


Interest & Charges

You may be due a refund of ALL interest and charges made by your payday lenders, and compensation


Didn't Repay?

Even if you didn’t repay your loan in full, you may still be able to get money back


Claims Specialists

Claims specialists, let us help you to discover if you’re due a big refund and repair your credit score

We negotiate on your behalf to maximise your claim

Guaranteed No Win No Fee

Friendly staff to support your claim

Regular updates throughout the process

Hassle free process – We do all the hard work for you

Can I Make a Claim?

Many providers did not follow the necessary checks required for affordability, meaning some clients built up vast amounts of unmanageable debt causing huge stress and personal issues.


You too could be entitled to compensation – there are numerous aspects to claim eligibility including:

  • charges you have incurred were not made clear
  • you needed to borrow multiple times to meet your commitments
  • you needed to borrow from elsewhere to cover the repayments
  • the borrowing formed a significant part of your income and impacted on other expenditure such as mortgage and food
  • it is clear that the proper checks were not made on your financial position
  • you were given a product that was simply not affordable



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – if your claim is unsuccessful we don’t charge a fee regardless of the work undertaken up to that point
Our normal fee will be 30% + VAT of any compensation offered which is considered standard within the industry. This means, for example, if we succeed in obtaining Compensation of £1000, Our fees would be £360. You would receive £640.
You complete a simple online questionnaire following which we assess if we feel you were mis-sold. If we feel that you were, we then begin the process of recovering any money due to you. We do this for all you have indicated you have borrowed from – whether that’s 1 or 10.
Your claim must be acknowledged within 21 days. They then have up to 8 weeks to provide a final response to the claim. If it is an offer you then decide if you want to accept or not and if it is a rejection, you decide if you want us to take the case to the FOS for their review.
In most cases just the account number but in the event a lender cannot locate one of your accounts, if you have any other supporting paperwork, such as previous statements, this may help your claim.
After a number of weeks we will be notified of an outcome. In simple terms they will either uphold your claim or reject it. The whole process can take a number of weeks. Whilst we are very quick at turning around information, responses can be slow and they do take as much time as required to determine the merits of your claim. If a case goes to the FOS, it can be with them for many months, so patience is definitely needed.
Impakt Claims are one of the first fully authorised and regulated Claims Management Companies within the UK. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, (FRN 836692). Data Protection Registration number ZA477153.
You can contact us by e-mail claims@impaktclaims.co.uk
Yes. You do not have to use our services or the services of any claims management company and can claim directly yourself free of charge without incurring a fee. You can do this either to the company against whom you wish to complain or to the relevant statutory ombudsman or the statutory compensation scheme. More information can be found on the Financial Ombudsman Service website: financial-ombudsman.org.uk
If your claim is successful and you were mis-sold, the lender may remove any negative listings that had been made to your credit file.